While 20 years ago it was hard to find any blog because there were so few, nowadays it’s hard to find a good blog because there are so many! Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to make a post with a list of the 15 Best Blogs about Cryptocurrencies.

Although I had to do some research to make this list even better, most of the blogs you’ll see in this posts are the ones I follow regularly and were in some cases I am even signed up for their email newsletters.

It’s important to note that this post is not structured hierarchically. This means that the first blog on this list is not necessarily the best, and the last one is not the worst. On this list, you’ll only find the best of the best. And although all blogs are slightly different, it’s the small differences that make them unique.

Let’s get started!


Cryptocoinsnews (Cryptocoinsnews.com)

Cryptocoinsnews is one of the most reliable sources for your daily cryptocurrency news. It offers an excellent newsletter which I highly recommend you to subscribe to. This blog also has an absolutely gorgeous layout that makes it very enjoyable to read their posts.


CoinDesk (CoinDesk.com)

CoinDesk is another excellent source for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Co news. However, I have noticed in the past weeks that this blog, in some cases, gets very deep into the technical aspects. Therefore, if you are new in the crypto world you might have a bit of trouble understanding some of the terms used in their blog posts.


Crypto Insider (Cryptoinsider.com)

Crypto Insider has writers and experts from over 15 countries. In the contrary to other cryptocurrency news websites, this blog does not publish dozens of articles every day about every single thing that has happened in the crypto world. Instead, the writers select one or two stories which they analyze extensively. Quality over quantity!

By reading this blog you’ll also benefit from being able to know directly what experts in the field think about a particular topic. This is a huge difference to other Cryptocurrency news blogs which on the contrary, have a very objective writing.


Cointelegraph (Cointelegraph.com)

Cointelegraph is one of the first blogs that were created to cover the topic of cryptocurrencies. The first article on the site was published back in 2013 when cryptocurrency was about to hit a peak. Cointelegraph emphasizes on expert opinions and news from diverse cryptocurrency communities.

The blog also has an “ICO calendar” section, there you can check the hottest ICO’s of current projects and evaluate if it’s worth investing in them or not.


ETH News (ethnews.com)

In the past months, Ethereum and its currency Ether gained a lot of popularity. This is mainly due to the so-called smart contracts that can be programmed with Ethereum’s core technology. ETH News is the first blog that is focused entirely on this new cryptocurrency. The blog also has an amazing mobile app which can be downloaded both for Android and for iOS. If Ether makes up a large portion of your portfolio or you just want to learn a bit more about it, I highly recommend you to check this website out.

However, ETH News is not only focused on publishing the latest stories of the Ethereum world, It also has a “Resources” section. There you’ll find important core concepts every Ether investor needs to know.


Bitcoin News (news.bitcoin.com)

The Bitcoin.com website was created by a group of very motivated Bitcoin early adopters. Roger Ver, the CEO of the website has founded several companies in Silicon Valley until he eventually decided to switch to cryptocurrencies.

Apart from news, you’ll also find a section of Bitcoin games, a forum, and a beginner guide. The beginner guide is a huge knowledge base that teaches you how to set up a bitcoin wallet, how to choose the best bitcoin exchange, how to avoid getting scammed and so much more!


Week in Ethereum (weekinethereum.com)

Since the 21st of August 2016, Evan Van Ness publishes one post on Week in Ethereum a week. This micro-blog is especially useful if you are an individual with little time to spend reading news. The content at Week in Ethereum is digestible and easy to understand.

Additionally, it is structured in 10 categories: Top, protocol, stuff for developers, ecosystem, project announcements, project updates, interviews and talks, token sales, token sale structures and general. This enables you to quickly scan the website for the content you are really interested in.


The Bitcoin News (thebitcoinnews.com)

The Bitcoin News is a cryptocurrency blog that has been around for years and has managed to gather a huge audience of fans. On Twitter alone, this site has over 67 thousand followers. You’ll notice that the blog is focused on short but precise content. This makes it great for busy people that simply don’t have enough time to read through a huge 2.500 word post.

Additionally, the website has a gorgeous layout and is completely responsive. It’s a site that can be read comfortably from the screen of your smartphone.


NEWSBTC (newsbtc.com)

NEWSBTC is a blog that is mainly focused on actively trading cryptocurrencies. Most of its content is about technical analysis and last-minute news that will likely affect the price of cryptos like Ether or Bitcoin. The website has nearly 11 thousand followers on Twitter at the time I am writing this post. This shows that its audience absolutely loves the content.

The site also has very extensive reviews about practically every single Bitcoin casino out there. Therefore if you are a hobby gambler, checking this blog out is a must!


CryptoJunction (cryptojunction.com)

Although CryptoJunction also has a news section, its content is more focused on being educational. Just like ours here at CoinNoob. In the contrary to many other cryptocurrency blogs, this one offers a very clean layout. That’s great because it makes it very easy do read.

Additionally, CryptoJunction is one of the very few blogs that also have a video section. You will love this if, like me, you are a very visual human being. I also recommend you to check out their community. Just make an account here to join the conversation now.


Cryptocurrency How-To (tsakf.org)

Cryptocurrency How-To is an amazing blog where my friend Kostas publishes at least once a day. His content is focused on breaking down hard to understand YouTube tutorials. This makes it a lot easier for beginners to get started in the exciting cryptocurrency world.


Bitcoin Magazine (bitcoinmagazine.com)

Bitcoin Magazine is a blog and news site that is focused entirely on Bitcoin and on the Blockchain technology. It rarely mentions any other cryptos like Ether, Monero or Digibyte. This is a very good thing if your portfolio is built up of predominantly Bitcoin. Because you won’t spend hours scanning through news that are not relevant to you.

Additionally, a huge pro of the Bitcoin Magazine is that they barely have ads. This makes it very enjoyable to read. If you already checked out the content of the blog and you like it, I highly recommend you to follow it on social media. On Twitter alone, it has a community of over 100.000 followers!


Bits on Blocks (bitsonblocks.net)

Bits on Blocks is Antony Lewis’ personal blog where he aims to write easy-to-understand articles about blockchain for businesspeople. Antony quit his job at Credit Suisse in order to pursue his dedication for blockchain. This has allowed him to focus almost entirely on learning more about blockchain and sharing it with his followers.


99 Bitcoins (99bitcoins.com)

99 Bitcoins is a blog that is focused on becoming the leading knowledge base for everything bitcoin. In the contrary to other websites like CoinDesk or Cryptocoinsnews, 99 Bitcoins does not publish news. This enables the writers to focus entirely on what they do best: Produce educational content.

The blog also does very extensive reviews on a large variety of trading platforms, ICO’s, hardware wallets or other cryptocurrencies related stuff. I strongly recommend you to try out the blog’s “Bitcoin Video Crash Course”. It is composed of a series of educational videos that are regularly sent to your inbox. And of course, it’s completely free.


Blockchain Technologies (blockchaintechnologies.com)

Blockchain Technologies is a huge static content website that covers practically every single question you might have about blockchain. Additionally, the site also has a news section where stories from the largest cryptocurrency news blogs are gathered.



I added this site to this list of the 15 best cryptocurrency blogs for three main reasons. The first is that the content is absolutely amazing. It is very obvious that the writer spent A LOT of time researching about cryptocurrencies. Secondly, the UI of the website is astonishing. The colors are very well picked, the site charges in the blink of an eye and it is completely responsive. And finally, although the Blockchain Technologies blog has a couple Ads, it is very clear that the main objective of the site is to inform, and not to just make money with visitors.


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This Site provides free mining of Cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP(Ripple) etc.

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This Site provides free mining of Cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP(Ripple) etc.